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All my jewellery is handmade from sterling silver and most carries a British hallmark. Each piece is individually made from my own designs which means that although I may repeat designs, no two pieces can ever be exactly alike.

Living in Newport on the Isle of Wight and working from a bench in my home, I am a relative newcomer to the jewellery world. I worked previously in publishing and retail so moving into jewellery design and production was a leap of faith for me. After taking a course at Quay Arts, here on the Isle of Wight, led by the charming and inspiring Rob Fenton and Kelly Yates of jewellers Union of Opposites, I quickly progressed to running my own business and am now in my fifth year.

As a keen gardener (though currently without a garden!) my love of growing things and my concern for the natural world is reflected in much of my jewellery. Flowers, leaves, bees, ladybirds and butterflies feature frequently and the changing seasons have inspired me to incorporate seedhead and berry motifs into my work. More recently, in appreciation of out beautiful coastline here on the island, I have developed a range of jewellery featuring seashells and starfish as well as seascapes and I have begun to use seaglass to bring these designs to life.

Ultimately I like my work to be of broad appeal and wearable in a variety of situations – from the everyday to the most special of occasions. My aim is to produce work that is subtle and classic while still retaining artistry and individuality. I hope you will enjoy looking at my work.

My very best wishes,  Dale Virginia x


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